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Tech editing course…

I am currently working my way through Joeli’s Tech Editing course. I’m really enjoying it and have just signed up for ‘Learn to Tech Edit: The Next Steps’. I still have one assignment to do for the current course so I’m hoping to make a start on the ‘Next steps’ in a couple of weeks time.

I have yet again found a good reason to add to my already too large library of books (oops!) with ‘Sweater Design in Plain English’ by Maggie Righetti – I haven’t had time for more than a quick look through yet but it seems like a really comprehensive book and I’m sure it will be very useful. I also bought Kate Atherley’s book ‘The Beginner’s Guide to Writing Knitting Patterns’ – I really like the look of this one and bought it more to help me write up some of my own patterns than for the tech editing course. I absolutely love books and I still prefer to buy a physical book to a digital one if it’s a reference book.

So, my plans for this bank holiday weekend mostly involve having my head in a book (or several) and working on my next assignment!

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