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EU Shipping

Due to changes on July 1st 2021 which sees the end of the 22 euro VAT import exemption on goods sent from the U.K to the E.U, we have taken the decision to suspend shipping to all EU Countries. As there is currently no way for us to use the ‘One Stop Shop’ to collect VAT at the point of purchase (which would mean customers know up front how much they will pay in total for their parcel), this means that parcels sent using the existing method of attaching a CN22 customs declaration (which is still allowed) are very likely to result in extra handling charges.

We hope that there is a change in the near future which will enable us to collect the VAT at the point of purchase so that we can resume sending to EU Countries and we are looking at alternatives such as using Etsy for specials such as our Christmas self striping yarn.

2 thoughts on “EU Shipping

  1. I am soo disappointed. I could not order the best yarns anymore….

    1. Thank you 🙂 it’s very frustrating. Maybe there will be a solution soon to make it easier. We hope so.

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