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More dyeing experiments…

We’ve been doing a bit more dyeing – testing out the dyes at different concentrations (all in a very scientific manner, thanks to Andrew and his spreadsheet!) We ended up with a nice rainbow of colours. My friend saw them and wanted some to knit a set of mini advent stockings – seemed like a nice idea so we dyed up another rainbow and we are now both knitting stockings! I wrote up a pattern which takes a bit less than 5g of yarn & will make it available once I’ve tested it properly. I’m a bit behind with mine as I’ve only knit 5 so far but I’m hoping to get them finished in time to use this year!

I also had a go at dyeing a semi-solid – really like how this one turned out and it is probably destined to become socks:

My last experiment was a variegated yarn. I thought I’d messed these two up because it was looking a bit messy in the pot but I’m really happy with how they turned out. Both dyed at the same time – one is slightly pinker than the other. Looking forward to seeing what they are like knitted up:

I’m hoping we can have another dyeing session soon – I’ve got some merino/tencel lace weight which I want to have a play with and we still have quite a bit of sock yarn to experiment on too 🙂

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