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2,600 miles…

I think we have just about recovered from our monster 3-week trip to Scotland (having put almost 2,600 miles on the van)! We got home late on Saturday after a very long day driving (the weather was pretty awful the last few days of our ‘tour’ so we decided it was time to go home). We had a great trip – the weather was actually pretty good most of the time. We have walked on lots of amazing sandy beaches, driven along some crazy little roads with incredible views, saw a whale, seals, puffins and an otter (well, Andrew saw one – I missed it!). We heard corncrakes (they are on the red list and the Western Isles is probably the best place to find them), saw eagles (lots of eagles) and ate rather a lot of cake 😉

I will do a proper write up of our trip soon – I have rather a lot of photos to sort out first!

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