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Wonderwool Wales 2019 – our 1 year ‘show’ anniversary!

I always mean to write a blog post after we’ve done a show. I don’t always remember (must try harder!) but Wonderwool Wales 2018 was our first proper yarn show, so that means Wonderwool Wales 2019 was our ‘show’ anniversary! We were much better prepared this time as we knew what to expect and had a better idea of how we wanted to have our stand (although we still managed to spend hours setting up!) We’ve done 5 more shows since then (yikes!) and things have mostly got easier! We’ve worked out the best way to pack the van (not easy as it’s a small campervan, so there is a bed in the way!) and who does what when putting the stand together / taking everything down.

We had more stock this time and some extra gridwall too. I’m pretty pleased with how it looked – you get plenty of space at Wonderwool so I’m always worried it might look a bit empty!

This is our Launceston Lace and DK – with a beautiful sample kindly made for us by a friend (the pattern is ‘A Rainy Day‘ by Romi Hill). (Excuse my pretty rubbish photos – I did take my camera but I forgot to leave it with our stuff when I parked up my van and I’ll be honest – I just couldn’t face going to get it. I know!)

A glimpse of our Ashby DK, along with 2 sample hats (Rhinebeck and Diponaea – both by Woolly Wormhead). We’ve added a couple of new colours to our Ashby DK range and have plans for quite a few more just as soon as we have some time for testing 🙂  You can also see our Alum Bay Shawl and Childrey Cowl kits (I’ve just added these to our Etsy shop – we’ve only sold them at shows before now).

We got some new models just in time for Wonderwool 🙂 They take up a lot less room than our floor standing mannequin and they worked really well.

Our self-striping sock yarn display – we’ve now got just over 30 colourways and have started adding matching 25g mini cakes for some of them too. We try to have at least one new colourway for each show we do – I think we had 3 for Wonderwool. We’ve got some ideas to try out over the next couple of months and should have some more new ones dyed in time for Fibre East at the end of July 😉

Andrew’s favourite new colourway, launched at Wonderwool this year 🙂 I really need to get the sock machine out and make a sample pair (he wouldn’t let me have any yarn before the show!)

Last photo (I promise!) showing our fibre, needle snugs and Eucalan (and our very important coffee cups and knitting bags haha!) Don’t ask me how we fit everything in the van LOL!

On Saturday evening we walked into town and went to the Lion Hotel for a folk session. This is the second year someone has arranged a session for the Saturday evening (we didn’t go last year – too tired!) and it was really good. I took my tin whistle and managed to join in with a couple of tunes 🙂 There was some really excellent singing and playing – I hope it happens again next year!

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