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West Wittering

We made a very last minute decision on Sunday (early evening!) to drive down and spend the night in the van and then spend Monday at the beach. The weather forecast looked good and we haven’t been away in the van for ages so we got our stuff together and made it to the coast by about 10pm. Monday was lovely – sunny but with a nice cooling breeze. There were a few people around but it was pretty quiet.

I love West Wittering beach – there is lots of space to park and the beach is massive and sandy. It does get extremely busy at weekends/holidays. We had a long walk down the beach and Pippin had a splash around in the sea! I couldn’t resist making up a couple more colour palettes using photos I took on the day 🙂

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Colour inspiration…

Yesterday we had a fun afternoon dyeing some yarn (photos coming soon – it’s still drying!) and then we had a very nice dinner – halloumi burgers (tasty and easy – we had dry fried halloumi, aubergine slices, roasted peppers, red onion and hummus). I took a photo because I thought they looked pretty good 🙂 Then I thought I’d do a quick colour palette based on the photo.

I did this one in Photoshop and selected the colours myself but you can also use Adobe Color (you can get it as an app for iPad etc. too). Upload a photo, pick a colour rule and it will choose colours for you (you can also choose them yourself). Warning – it’s a bit addictive!

I might have to dye some halloumi burger inspired sock yarn next time!

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Tech editing course…

I am currently working my way through Joeli’s Tech Editing course. I’m really enjoying it and have just signed up for ‘Learn to Tech Edit: The Next Steps’. I still have one assignment to do for the current course so I’m hoping to make a start on the ‘Next steps’ in a couple of weeks time.

I have yet again found a good reason to add to my already too large library of books (oops!) with ‘Sweater Design in Plain English’ by Maggie Righetti – I haven’t had time for more than a quick look through yet but it seems like a really comprehensive book and I’m sure it will be very useful. I also bought Kate Atherley’s book ‘The Beginner’s Guide to Writing Knitting Patterns’ – I really like the look of this one and bought it more to help me write up some of my own patterns than for the tech editing course. I absolutely love books and I still prefer to buy a physical book to a digital one if it’s a reference book.

So, my plans for this bank holiday weekend mostly involve having my head in a book (or several) and working on my next assignment!

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Hello new blog!

This is a bit like opening a lovely new sketchbook and wondering what to draw on the first page (although not so bad because there is always ‘delete’!)

So, I guess a bit of background info might be useful. I have blogged before (here) but gave up when my other half & I started our shop (Folly Fabrics) 3 years ago. For various reasons, we made the decision to close and we are now almost done with all the clearing out, moving of stuff and other post-shop things which need to be done. We are then looking forward to spending the summer recharging our batteries (fingers crossed for lots of nice weather) and deciding what to do next.

I have plans to continue doing workshops and classes (probably starting in the Autumn) and I am also currently working my way through Joeli’s Tech Editing course (loving it!) with the long-term goal of offering my services as a tech editor.  I also have some designs I want to publish (stuff I created to support some of the workshops & classes I taught at the shop) and I have a long list of other things on my ‘todo’ list!

I decided I needed a new ‘home’ on the web so I will be blogging here from now on. My other half came up with the name – I wanted something which wasn’t too specific because I like to do lots of things! We aren’t far from the Ridgeway and we quite often go up there with our dog (Pippin) for walks. Dragon Hill is next to the famous White Horse at Uffington – it’s the distinctive little ‘mound’ on the bottom left of this photo (taken by me on a walk a few years ago):